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Who are we?

BerGon Architects offer architectural and design services mainly in Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and the North London area. From extensions, loft conversions, small office refurbishments to small developments including low-rise apartments, we will be working with you during the whole process and will fight for your project as if it was our own so it becomes a reality.

Unfortunately, construction and refurbishment projects are normally associated with complications and hidden costs. Poorly designed projects soon reveal their flaws when passing onto tender or construction stages, and, more often than not, what seemed like a good deal for a simple design for a planning application at the beginning of your project, turns out to be quite an expensive mistake at later stages.

We aim to put you in a position where you don’t have to experience all the unnecessary frustrations and expense which is normally associated to any building works by trying to get the best and most practical design from the very first planning stage.

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What do we do?

We specialise in extensions, renovations, and new-build designs. Our team have the necessary expertise not only to tackle the initial design in order to get planning approval, but to do it providing a practical design with a realistic approach from the very beginning so getting building control approval later on is not only feasible, but hassle-free.

In BerGon Architects we are committed and experienced to deliver, but also small enough to care.

We understand every client has different needs, and that most projects come with budget constraints. That’s why we design as if the project was our own, trying to get the best possible design, without losing sight of practicality.

How are we different?

In BerGon Architects, we do not cut corners, and love to be hands on the project from the first sketches to visit your site during construction. Unlike many other practices, we like to be at the helm of our projects. The people who will visit you at your home, talk to you, get your questions, will be the same people who will go to take measurements, design, submit, and fight for your planning approval.

Not only we believe in talent and skills, we also believe that motivation, knowledge, and hard work is what will make a project or design to stand out.

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Do I need planning permission?

There are some instances where you might not need to apply for planning permission, when the works you intend to carry out, fall under the "permitted development rights". These rights, do not apply to flats, maisonettes, or some other types of buildings, and might have some additional restrictions or limitations depending on your area. Regardless of whether these rights apply to you, you'll need to submit plans for the council to confirm your works are lawful.

The type of alterations or improvements which normally fall under these "permitted development rights", are loft conversions, single-storey rear and side extensions, and two-storey rear extensions.

It is also important to note that your local planning authority may have removed some of these "permited developement rights" in your area. This normally happens when you live within a conservation area, but it can also happen under other circunstances. If your local planning authority has withdrawn these rights where you live, or if the works you intend to do do not fall under permited developement rights, you will have to submit a planning application.

Where do I start from?

Everyone has different needs, and there are no two projects which are the same, therefore, it is difficult to give general guidance about what one could expect. However, speaking in general terms, we have summarised below what we think is the right approach:

1-Initial idea. This is probably the easiest part. We will, of course, guide and assist you during all the design process, but we will need to have a rough idea of what your expectations and intentions are for this project.

2-Talking to the neighbours. It is always a good idea to talk to your neighbours about your intentions, and to have them on your side. Many colleagues point out that your neighbours do not even have the right to object if the works you intent to carry out fall under "permitted development rights", but the truth is, a neighbour can create you a fair amount of problems. Furthermore, if you intend to carry out works affecting your party wall, or you want to build on your boundary, or even close to it, you'll need to serve a Party Wall Notice before the works start. Talking to your neighbours and letting them know about your intentions before incurring in any expenses is always a good idea.

3-Get in contact. Once you know what you want, and you have had a chat with your neighbours, it would the the best moment to get in contact. Even if your project falls under "permitted developement rights" and can be done without planning approval, you'll need to submit drawings to the council if you want to get a certificate of lawfulness. Remember that it is always a good idea to appoint someone local, and that there are good reasons to appoint an Architect rather than a "Designer". An Architect not only will have more experience, it will also be insured and will have to work under their profesional body terms of conduct and guidances!

If you want more information, and want to know what the process will be like, have a peek at our "The process" page, where we do explain the different stages you'll project will need to go through until completion.

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