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BerGon Architects was born as an association among architects with very different backgrounds but who believed that architecture and reality must go hand in hand. We do not exclusively believe in skill, talent, creativity or inspiration, but also in knowledge, motivation, and hard work.

Our aim is to create and improve places people use, and live in, and the foundations for that are laid by a good, sound, and practical design.

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Gloria is a highly experienced Architect who specialises in planning within the residential sector. During the last years, she has been challenging herself working in the most diverse variety of projects: from small private extensions to larger schemes working alongside some of the best-known housing associations.

Gloria is not only capable of tackling the most difficult planning applications, she is also an excellent coordinator and project manager, and has a very good understanding of the construction stages, being able to deliver full construction packages.

You will normally find Gloria in all types of social events, when not even organising them herself. Her insatiable energy makes her the perfect ally for any team, and there is not a problem which will feel big enough to tackle when she’s by your side.

Chartered Architect - ARB | RIBA

Party planner // Super mummy // Plant killer


Having worked on-site as both as a labourer and as a roofer at a young age, Juan soon decided to pursuit a career in Architecture. Since he finally became an Architect, he has specialised on the technical side of the profession, and has since then worked for several years at small to medium-sized practices, with projects ranging from small private residential refurbishments, to large new-build schemes including low-rise blocks of flats.

Juan is capable not only of tackling the most challenging designs, but also of ensuring these are buildable, meet any regulations required, and stick to a thoughtful and practical approach. He's also an excellent project manager and will make all the stops to make sure your project is run smoothly from the first sketches to its final construction.

You would normally find him sketching all sort of details on any piece of paper which happen to land on his desk, or reading about the latest technical guidance or manuals he’s come across.

Chartered Architect - ARB

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